Ultimat are leaders in the design, manufacture and fitting of Dojo training rooms. Ultimat supply Dojos to many HMP, PSC, Police, NHS, and Private Sector establishments.

After much dialogue with various self defence trainers it was found that many training environments were fitted without any prior input or feedback from the end user, many of these rooms were fitted by companies which may have had little or no experience on what was actually expected from a self defence room. Instead they fitted rooms based upon knowledge drawn from gymnastic or sport backgrounds. As a consequence in many circumstances Ultimat found Dojos to be of inadequate specification and trainers having to adapt or amend their training practice.

Ultimat's aim is to supply equipment that is specially designed for the job in hand, for example previously most Dojo's used Gymnastic or Judo mats. Ultimat have designed specialist mats for Law Enforcement, through careful selection and blending of materials and manufacture processes, Ultimat's floor mats, safety wall padding etc now benefit from:

Improved Impact Absorbtion - less stress to ankles, knees and impact incidents.

Ability To Use Regular Footwear - with only cosmetic damage to mats etc.

Longer Life Expectancy - of the rooms both Dojos and VP cells.

Capability To Deal With Live Tools - such as riot shields and hand cuffs with minimum impact on the Dojo.

Attention To Detail - including graphics an colour designated training zones.

Dojo Projects

Judo & Martial Arts Dojos
Mat Type AA08a
Competition Judo mats and wall padding. Built within new developments at Rochdale and Kilmarnock. Medium to heavy/regular work load in these Dojos with bare feet.


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